A journey on one of Asia’s great rivers offers a tapestry of fascinating sights, colorful cultures, and ancient traditions. A journey with Avalon Waterways gets you closer to all the must-see sights and introduces you to the locals and their way of life. Our very design is different because it was inspired by you...for a more intimate experience on our new all-suite ships in Southeast Asia with no more than 36 travelers, a more immersive experience with our Local Favorites designed to spotlight the unique stories in each destination, and more shore excursions-all led by our expert Cruise Directors and carefully selected Certified Local Guides. All of this and so much more await on an adventure you’ll never forget.

As you cruise along, each day is a tapestry of exotic flavors, captivating panoramas, and bustling river activity. Watch villagers make candy from the sap of the toddy palm tree, and wander through a pottery making village to see the process from start to end. Visit a monastery, where you will present alms to the monks and observe their daily lunch ritual, and interact with children at a village school. Other highlights include a visit to a local farmer’s home to learn more about his work and life. You’ll even have a chance to ride an elephant! All this and more awaits on this incredible adventure.

More than 90% of the Burmese population follows the Buddhist religion. Unsurprisingly, the graceful form of the pagoda is a natural part of the landscape, and you’ll visit the most important in the country, including Yangon’s stunning Shwedagon—considered by many to be the oldest pagoda in the world. Explore some of the 2,300 majestic temples that dot the plains of Bagan, including Ananda, one of the most beautiful of all the remaining temples. You will also ascend to the top of a temple for an unforgettable view of sunset! In Mandalay, visit Mahamuni Pagoda as well as Shwenandaw Monastery, the only surviving building from the original royal palace complex. In nearby Amarapura, visit U Bein Bridge for a sampan ride at sunset—an iconic image you won’t soon forget. Beyond the must-see sights, Avalon delivers hands on activities and encounters with local people that allow for a truly immersive and memorable experience. Cruise north of Mandalay on the most scenic part of the river past traditional riverside villages, teak forests, lavish shrines, and a host of bird and animal life. If your are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the rare Irrawaddy dolphin.

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